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Tim has written about tax and business throughout his career.  Occasionally he has been known to add in the occasional bit of politics too, Wooflines is our blog archive page listing out Tim’s more recent articles  on matters of interest.

Find out what has been the topic of conversation on Tim and Millie’s morning walk!

Uncertain about R&D?

Research and Development (“R&D”) Tax Relief is well known to many.  Available to companies the relief provides an additional reduction in taxable profits, for companies

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Welcome to the X Factor!

Anyone who has had any involvement with tax in the last twenty years will know that contestants on a reality TV show are not the

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Thirty five not out!

I remember it like it was yesterday, but it was really 35 years ago.  20 August 1984, my first day at work as an audit

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Running with your tax plan

As some will know, I spend some of my spare time running. I started doing this as a New Year’s resolution almost three years ago

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Mind the Gap!

HMRC have recently published their analysis of the Tax Gap for 2017/18. This is the difference between the amount of tax that HMRC should theoretically

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