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This is who we are…

Tim Mallon – Director

A Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser, Tim has worked in senior roles in a number of accounting firms.  He has spent over 30 years  in the North East  following six years working in London in the 1980s.  He is a former Chair of the North East England branch of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.  Tim is well known amongst clients and other professional advisers for his clear, practical advice.

In his own words….

Role at Mallon:Tax – Provider of tax and accounting advice to clients far and wide.

What’s your best achievement at work – Helping many families pass the ownership of their business to the next generation so that we can then help those businesses to thrive under new ownership.

Strengths – Talking about complex financial concepts in a common-sense fashion. That’s important because clients need to fully understand how we plan to help them. Our ability to communicate with clients goes to the heart of who we are and what we’re about.

Weaknesses – Chocolate!

Millie – Head of Welfare

A Cockerpoo (Mum, a Cocker Spaniel and Dad, a Toy Poodle), Millie has chased her pink ball in a number of gardens and beaches in the North East following her birth in 2017. Never more comfortable than when occupying her own Chair, Millie is well known amongst the Mallon family for her ability to sense someone walking past the house at fifty paces and to alert them with her clear, persistent, bark.

In her own howls….

Role at Mallon:Tax – Reminding the boss that all work and no play makes Tim a dull accountant!

What’s your best achievement at work – Managing to sleep through one of his phone calls! That’s a great achievement because he likes to talk!

Strengths – Post-fetching, ball-catching and general cuteness.

Weaknesses – Chocolate and anything else which is potentially edible!

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